We don't just deliver bug-free software. We create technology mavericks

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” – Carl Rogers

About Us

Quales Consulting is the result of a conscientious drive to create holistic technology mavericks who can immediately contribute and fit into the growing and evolving global technology community.Our drive focuses on new and innovative technologies and mindsets including Data Science, Software Testing, Agile Methodology, Big Data, Design Thinking, Cybersecurity to drive real, measurable business value.

We take great pleasure in our growing partnerships with tertiary institutions, a plethora of indigenous technology companies and the combined experience of principals and relationships with Fortune 500 companies (Accenture, Facebook, Cisco etc.) to bring our people directly from incubation into the action arena.

Essentially, we are creating the workforce that will create the systems of the tomorrow, today.

What We Do

Expertise Delivery

At the intersection of business and technology is a niche for delivering 21st century skills. In this stead, we have delivered to more than 200 individuals software development and testing skills which have directly engendered their gainful placement in opportunities. Most Quales intakes who come with a mindset of not being relevant to technology quickly find themselves the darlings of several organizations after a few months of unlearning, exposure and relearning. Our focus started from Software Testing as has continued to grow with more technology areas.


Our team of qualified, certified and recognized technology professionals have a combined experience of more than 20 years across several industries including Telecommunications, Financial Services/Banking, FinTechs, Regulatory as well as start-up. Our holistic worldview of organizational growth has seen us inculcate leadership and business skills in our offerings in creating our next gen technology mavericks. For us, it's not just about imparting knowledge but about creating for our alumni the right perception in the corporate world. This we achieve through our collaboration with organizations such as Kigenni.


With a strong focus on people, technology and tools, we provide clients with the correct fits for their businesses helping them grow, transform and expand. Our partnerships and awareness of the most sought-after skills position us to be a relevant partner to organizations for an inclusive, sustainable growth.

Research and Development

Being relevant at the forefront of technology means we are constantly evolving to set the pace in forecasting, understanding, adopting and leveraging new technologies. This helps us create and end-to-end value chain, delivering the most relevant expertise at every point.

Our Clients and Partners

Babcock University

MTN Nigeria

Hyperion Global Services



What People Say

The BUCC-Quales software testing programme was unequivocally the best help I got with regards to career growth in computing. The programme helped me build the courage and skills to standout in becoming a certified software quality assurance engineer and also helped me get a job in one of the best software companies in Nigeria.

Adaeze Atusiuba

Graduated June, 2018

I took the Quales Leadership and Software Testing program last year. I got very valuable experience and insights that enhanced my outlook on any endeavor. It helped refine my skills and most importantly bridge the definite gap between Nigeria’s educational system and the business sector. It also provided me the opportunity to take the ISTQB exam to become a certified software test analyst. It helped me land my first job as a QA Engineer.

Akinbowale Akin-Taylor

Graduated June, 2018

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